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At EA we bear in mind that half the resources consumed worldwide are used up in the construction of roads and buildings. We therefore promote:

  • Materials which are energy efficient, environmentally sensitive and highly recyclable.
  • Obtaining heavy materials locally to reduce the environmental impact resulting from their transportation. This way the nearby communities benefit indirectly too.
  • Global stock up of light materials that can be used, reused or recycled.

We advise you not to use (or allow others to use) the following materials for your projects:

  • PVC: its production is highly polluting.
  • Injected polyurethane: it is highly inflammable.
  • Glass fibre: it is considered carcinogenic and prone to cause respiratory problems or disease.
  • Copper: nowadays overexploited and therefore scarce.
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • CFC
  • Wiring containing halogen lighting.

While we continue developing the contents in this section, you can check the convenience of specific materials by clicking here.



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